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The weather changes, cold creeps in, you are shivering from the cold. What comes to your mind? How to warm yourself up. At this moment, there Is nothing better than enjoying the heat of a crackling fire. You can be fueling a backyard fire pit or heating your home; you have to do all you can to make the most of the firewood.

The best way to achieve the warmth of the firewood in North Wales without the smoke chasing you away is by properly seasoning and storing woods. Getting the suitable Wood will produce less smoke, burns cleaner, and creosote and efficiently yield more hear. This article will discuss how to store and season firewood.


Season firewood
Season firewood is far better than unseasoned firewood. Unseasoned wood is hard to Smolder, burns poorly, is hard to ignite, and doesn’t produce heat. Unseasoned woods causes creosote accumulated fuel.

Seasoned woods are not like unseasoned woods. Seasoned wood is best for burning because the moisture content is significantly less. Moisture is quickly evaporated from Wood because of Seasoning, which makes firewood efficient and safe to use.

You have to be very patient because Seasoning requires a lot of time, which is from six months to one year, although there is a specific practice to quick the process of Seasoning.


Storing And Stacking Wood
The drying process is speeding up through the means of Stacking. It exposes wood surfaces areas to air and sunlight. The following are the tips to follow in stacking up your woods.

When woods are exposed to sunlight, it tends to Dry. But this price might take a lot of time, and you will need to change the surfaces of the Wood to face the sun so that it can completely dry.

Before storing woods, it is best to check out the site thoroughly. You have to be aware that the site you keep the woods will remain there for a very long time. Therefore, it would be best not to stack woods close to your shed, garage, or home. Doing so will invite termites to your home, which you will not; hence you can search for fire codes, local buildings that are distant between woodpiles.

If you want to store the woods close to a fence or wall, try to give at least a few inches between Wood and structure so that air circulation can penetrate inside.

• Soil-:
Use plastic or a board to place on the ground so that the woods can be slightly low to the ground, not touching the ground. This means will create a way for air to enter into firewood underneath.

In everything a person is doing, planning safety should be the first thing. So if you are planning to stack your Wood, make sure you take the maximum safety and stability. Do not stack woods over 4 feet high. It is hazardous.


Storing woods is essential and helps woods dry more thoroughly. Try to position a plastic sheet, and this will help the top of the stack extend a few inches by the side, creating air to penetrate the woods. When you buy seasoned Wood, please do your best to store it off the ground with a top cover.

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