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10 Benefits of Spandrel Panels


Spandrel panels, also known as pre-assembled structural panels, are ideal for use in construction of buildings and other structures. They have been in use since the 1920s, but they’re starting to gain popularity due to their ease of installation and low cost compared to masonry walls. While there are many benefits to spandrel panels installation, here are ten of the most important ones you should know about when shopping around for materials during your next home renovation.


1) Separation

Spandrel panels create a clear division between internal and external spaces, making it easy to separate living and dining areas from outdoor areas. Although these walls might not be load-bearing, they still play an important structural role in keeping your house together during extreme weather. If you’re building or renovating an older home, spandrel panels are well worth considering.

2) Construction Efficiency

The pre-assembled spandrel panels can be transported to building sites in a fraction of the time required for traditional masonry walls. This quick-turnaround time is critical for large projects that are under tight deadlines and are prone to weather delays. In addition, because installation requires no mortar or masonry skills, workers can complete spandrel installation quickly and easily.

3) Safety

If you’re building in a residential area, there’s a good chance that code requirements will limit what you can do with your property. For example, fire codes may dictate how far from your house to place an outdoor storage shed or garage; zoning laws may require that buildings be set back at least a certain distance from property lines. Prefabricated panels like spandrel panels offer an easy way to meet these requirements without sacrificing much style or functionality.

4) Cost Savings

A spandrel panel is a prefabricated structural panel that can be used as an alternative to brick, stone or masonry walls. By choosing spandrel panels over traditional construction methods, you can save time and money. The pre-built panels are more efficient for one because their production is quicker and less expensive than laying bricks by hand, and two, because installation costs are lower than those associated with masonry work.

5) Energy Efficiency

Whether you're building a new home or commercial space, spandrel panels help save energy in a couple ways. First, they allow for seamless integration between walls and roofs that are part of one structure. Second, compared to solid masonry structures, there is less heat loss when using spandrel panels because more surface area means more chance for convection heat transfer.

6) Attic Insulation

Attic insulation saves you money on energy bills and can help to increase your home’s value by decreasing your utility costs. The main benefit of attic insulation is that it prevents heat from escaping through your roof and into your attic. When heat enters your attic, it’s trapped there instead, which causes your house to heat up much faster than it would normally. Using spandrel panels allows you to install high-performance insulation directly behind those panels, effectively preventing heat loss in two ways at once.

7) Durability

What spandrel panels are made from can be chosen by you depending on your needs. Typically, most panels are made out of wood but metal is also an option. Both materials are durable and long lasting so you know that when you choose a material for your spandrel panel it will last for years. Strength: When strength is a concern to people that build homes or businesses, one thing they may not think about using as a solution is using spandrel panels.

8) Ease of Installation

A spandrel panel is easily installed, saving time and money over labour-intensive masonry walls. Most can be assembled by hand using basic tools; they require only a screwdriver to complete an installation. Additionally, you don’t need to hire a professional to assemble them. This makes them a cost-effective option for do-it-yourselfers with some carpentry experience and access to building materials.

9) Design Flexibility

Unlike masonry construction, spandrel panels can be designed to any shape or size. An architect or engineer can design a panel for a specific need, as opposed to limiting themselves to a traditionally shaped wall. The result is a more creative and visually appealing structure that makes for better architecture.

10) Customisation Options

A spandrel panel’s ability to be customised means a wider variety of design possibilities. This makes them great for business and residential construction alike, as they can allow you to draw on your creativity to create a truly unique structure.

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