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Why Hire An Access Lift For Your Project

Whether you work in construction or are currently planning a DIY project at home, maybe you’re having your garden renovated, hiring equipment such as access lifts offer a safe platform for you to complete tasks easily and safely. There is a range of places to source these from, and access lifts North Wales are just one of them. 

What Is An Access Lift?

An access lift is a vertical and inclined lift used for tasks such as construction projects, larger DIY projects, painting and decorating, plus small maintenance jobs around any site or home. In comparison to a ladder, an access lift offers a lot more confidence in safety when reaching high areas.

Access lifts can provide easy operation in tight workspaces, with high degree steering angles that allow flexibility. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, there’s an access lift perfect for any location. Some access lifts have non-marking tyres and leave zero emissions, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

The range of access lifts includes boom lifts, scissor lifts and personnel lifts. Each of them offers assistance in reaching different levels in a workspace, supplying easy lift.

When To Use

As mentioned, using an access lift can be used for several tasks. If you want your project tasks completed quicker and safer, using an access lift to reach these areas may be beneficial to you. 

If you’re working on a long term project, involving painting, repair jobs or general site maintenance, hiring an access lift will give you that extra support and offer a safe environment for you to complete these tasks. 

Typically, people would choose a ladder when trying to reach high places. However, these aren't as reliable as plant equipment. For example, if you have flooring which isn’t completely flat, a ladder will not sit safely on the ground and will offer limited support. An access lift will provide a safe platform, whether that’s on indoor flooring or muddy grounds outdoors.

How To Use

Although machinery such as an access lift can be easy to use, it is still important to follow the operation manual correctly to avoid any mistakes or incidents. If others are using it at a construction site, ensure they are trained on how to use it correctly. This will avoid any incidents happening on site. 

Why Hire

Instead of buying a piece of access equipment and later leaving it sitting in your workspace, not to be used again soon, hiring may be the best option for you. Before deciding on whether you require an access lift, ask yourself these questions so you can find the right fit for your environment:

  • How much space do you have?

  • How long will you need an access lift for?

  • Are you working indoors or outdoors?

Once you have tackled these questions, searching for an access lift for your project will be a lot easier. If you require additional support, contacting the hire company to discuss availability will be beneficial.

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