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A Guide to Heavy Lifting

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you are doing work that may involve heavy lifting. For more comprehensive advice consult your local builder's merchants North Wales.

With an estimated 75% of injuries incurred by heavy lifting being preventable, it s necessary to ensure all the proper guidelines are followed when undertaking a large weight in work or at home.

Lifting bricks, timber and other heavy duty building products puts a strain on your body. Accidents can happen during heavy lifting even among professional tradesmen. A simple sharp twist or overconfidence can lead to health complications that can undermine your further working career. Therefore, it’s vital that several easy steps are followed every time you go to pick up a load.


If you believe something is beyond your strength, do not attempt to lift it. Gauge its weight accordingly before picking it up – don’t be afraid to ask for help if the heaviness is too much.

Based on certain factors, men should never exceed lifting anything above 25kg and women should not attempt over 16kg. On your own, this is not worth the risk.

Another contributing factor is your stance and where the item is being taken. For instance, if the load is above shoulder height, then the weight needs to be greatly decreased: 10kg maximum for men and 7kg for women.

Basic Tips

•    Ensure your feet are in the correct position and are evenly spaced

•    Stand so that you are in the ideal position for lifting

•    Plan ahead for where the item will go

•    Warm up your muscles

The Lift

•    Straighten your spine and stand tall

•    Make your stomach muscles tighter

•    Slowly lower yourself by bending your knees (CAUTION: do not twist or move your upper body)

•    Manage a grip on the item with both hands

•    Grasp the object to your person to ease the weight before raising yourself slowly without twisting or jerking (if the weight is too much, put it down immediately but carefully)

Transporting the object

•    If necessary, take slow steps and ensure your are not twisting or jerking and are steady

•    Ask for guidance if you’re unsure of your destination with a heavy object

•    Keep yourself in a comfortable position

Placing the Object

•    Squat gradually as your item nears the floor

•    Straighten the back, a twist can lead to a trapped nerve or worse

•    Take effort to retract your fingers so they don’t get trapped beneath the object when it’s on the floor

These are simple guidelines for anyone to follow. Should you encounter an accident when lifting i.e. sharp pain then immediately call for medical help. In the workplace, tell your manager and make sure it is logged so it can be reviewed at a later date.

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