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Feats of Civil Engineering in North Wales

Although a place typically recognised as a beacon of natural beauty with a slightly sparse population, there has been plenty of civil engineering in North Wales which has drawn much recognition over the years.

As large sections of the region are near water (particularly the Isle of Anglesey), here are some of best feats of civil engineering when it comes to bridges surrounding the area.

Menai Bridge (Anglesey)
One of the most easily recognisable suspension bridges in Britain, this behemoth always catches the eye of any travellers.
Built in 1826 by Thomas Telford, it dominates the landscape and enables passage between the Menai Straits and Anglesey but was initially promoted as the missing link between London and Ireland when it was first conceived.

Britannia Bridge (Anglesey)
Possibly more famous than its cousin also in Anglesey for all the wrong reasons, this is also one of the most distinguishable bridges in the whole of Wales.

From 1850, this superb construct helped people across from the Menai Straits onto the Isle of Anglesey thanks to the work of Robert Stephenson. Measuring in at 461 metres long, it was one of the largest of its kind in its early days but disaster struck in 1970 when a fire took a hold of the bridge. Following plenty of reconstruction, it re-opened in 1972 with many structural differences.

Flintshire Bridge (Deeside)
A relatively new bridge, this gigantic construct has been a major staple of Deeside’s landscape since 1997 and sees many travellers crossing it every year.

Built to literally “bridge” the gap between Flint and Connah’s Quay, this cable-stayed construct had the backing of the Welsh office and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II when it was finally unveiled to the public. At 294 metres, it is one of the most stable and largest bridges in Wales.

Conwy Suspension Bridge (Conwy)
Once used primarily for car travel, this construct has become traversable only by foot as the sizes of cars and their legislations have changed over the years.

Another project by Thomas Telford, it was completed in 1826 and it’s so close to the castle itself that in fact, a portion of the castle had to be destroyed so that suspension cables could be stabilised. The adjacent main bridge is the primary way for people to gain entrance into the small town and is one of the greatest sights in Wales to see the castle grow larger the closer you get.


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