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Endless Applications for LED Ribbon Tape and LED Lighting

After years of being a niche market LED lighting is rising in popularity and may soon come to dominate the lighting industry in all sectors, including residential property lighting. This is particularly true of flexible and adaptive products such as LED ribbon tape and LED rope lights.

LED Illuminations are UK distributors of LED lighting for a wide range of applications and they supply a huge range of modern lighting for both residential and commercial use. The company has provided lighting for large UK retail stores, Pacific cruisers, famous TV studios, the farming industry and their lights may soon be found in many homes too. Their expert knowledge allows them to suggest the best lighting for any use.

LEDs are no longer limited to advertising signs, novelty lighting such as Christmas lights and expensive equipment for special displays. Now LED lighting has been adapted into so many different functions. They are found in television screens, computers screens, phones, office lighting and large scale commercial lighting. Their improved technology in producing a varied range of white light has helped companies like LED Illuminations break into residential lighting with their easily installed products such as LED tape and strip lights. LEDs used to only come in blue hued white light and then very bright white but the use of phosphor has enabled a gentler, warmer white light to be produced and this is a common tone sought in homes, particularly lounge areas because it is seen as more relaxing.

LED ribbon tape, LED strip lights and long, cuttable LED rope lights are some of the biggest selling products in the market. This is because they are some of the most flexible products that can be used in almost any setting. These products are becoming more sophisticated very quickly as technology develops but it is decreasing in price. This is what is making LEDs more popular in every day lighting, such as lighting in the home.

LED ribbon tape is a high selling product because it can be installed almost anywhere. With no necessary lighting fixtures but strong, long lasting light available in an unimaginable amount of tones, shades, colours and brightness it is easy to see why this product in particular is a firm favourite across industries. LED ribbon tape can be fitted under shelves, as over head lighting, in ceiling panels, practically anyway and it is so easy to install.

LED rope lighting has two versions. The most well known are the shorter ones traditionally used in decorative lighting but LED rope lights are available in rolls as long as 50m and are cuttable at various points. These are the LED rope lights that are fantastic for large scale commercial applications and you can only get them from professional, expert LED distributors who specialise in commercial LED lighting rather than small scale sales.

LED ribbon tape and LED rope lights may be big sellers but LEDs are much more varied than that. LED bulbs are available to fit in gorgeous designer lighting fixtures, LED lamps, waterproof LEDs, programmable touch or water reactive LEDs, LED ceiling panels and a whole host of other carefully designed products are making LEDs the most varied form of lighting around and for increasingly reasonable prices.

It may surprise some to know that LEDs are ideal for use in agricultural applications. LED lighting is preferable for most farm animals and growing vegetables and flowers. Research has shown that LEDs can effectively replace sunshine and offer much of the health, physiological and psychological benefits as sunlight. Plants do significantly better under appropriate level LED lights and it has been shown to improve milk yield in cattle.       

If you are looking for the perfect lighting to put the finishing touches on an architectural project or the ideal lighting for new build homes then contact knowledgeable, locally trusted distributors such as Led Illuminations who can provide high quality products and also help you use the best ones for your specific project.

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