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Great, Simple DIY Tips & Tricks: Paint

There are so many fantastic, quick and easy DIY jobs you can do to give your home a fresh look. One of the easiest ways to keep your house attractive is to make sure your paint job is up to scratch. Nothing makes your home look used and out of date more than peeling, yellowed wallpaper and cracked paint. People tend to think that painting a room is the easiest of all DIY jobs and for an experienced decorator that could not be more true, however painting is messy and time consuming.

If you love the colour you have chosen for a room, you do not really want the hard job of repainting the whole room just to keep it looking fresh and bright. Doing paint touch up jobs can save you time and money but this is where the paint job gets a little trickier as only painting certain areas can leave the room with a blotchy, unprofessional appearance.

To avoid blotches in your touch up paint job you need the best colour match possible to the original paint job. The only way it is going to be an exact colour match is if you bought extra paint when you first painted the rooms and kept some specifically for touch ups. This is a good tip for the future if you have not done it before. If you have not saved any paint you will need to get the best match possible. Take a colour sample of your paint and head to your local builder’s merchants or DIY outlet. Here you can have expert help in matching your colour. If you are looking for paint supplies from Builder’s Merchants in Denbigh try Richard Williams. They have two branches: one in Ruthin, Denbighshire and one in Llandudno Junction, Conwy, so whether you are based in North East Wales or North West Wales, you can access specialist help from builder’s merchants with a wide range of paint products and experience. At Richard Williams you have access to all the decorating tools you will need for DIY jobs. They have an excellent selection of every kind of paint you could want: exterior paint, fillers, interior paint, preparation & undercoat, specialist paints and even wood care paints. Their specialist paint is ideal for painting on more unusual surfaces. You can find anti-damp paint, metal work paint, floor paint, spray paint, red oxide primer, blackboard paint, French polish linseed oil and many other useful specialist paints.

When touch up painting without an exact match, it is best to paint the entire wall in question, although be sure not to get paint on any other walls in the room you are not planning to touch up. Paint corner to corner and you will find the colour blends more easily with the rest of the room this way.

Tricks for covering up nicotine stains: To help paint over nicotine stains try applying a stain blocker before you touch up the paint job. This is helpful because nicotine causes paint to not adhere to the wall properly due to bubbles. If you are looking to get that smoke odour out of your walls, try simply adding a sent to your paint touch up mix, for example vanilla. This will subtly mask the smoke smell in the walls.

Remember to always lay down sheets and get the best colour match you can before beginning your paint touch up job.

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