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What are concrete paviours?

Despite the possibly unfamiliar name, you may have actually stepped on one or two concrete paviours this morning on your way into work.

By definition, paviours and paving stones that interconnect with each other to create a composite pathway or drive for your car. In fact, if you were to step out your front door right now then you will no doubt be in close proximity to them as they are widely-used in modern construction and design.

Why so popular then? It mainly boils down to the interesting aesthetic appeal as opposed to having a flat, composite surface. In addition, paviours are as robust as you’d expect and are able to withstand adverse environmental conditions (such as the temperamental British weather) and general abrasions over time.

You can also invest in brick paviours but they can be a premium in terms of price. Which you opt for comes down to budget but if you want a simple solution which can really brighten your driveway, you can’t go wrong with either.

The gradient and colour of the pave really depends on the supplier. You may notice a terracotta coloured driveway in some people’s driveways but a softer, natural colour in others. This all comes down to personal preference so be sure to choose a business that can supply you with a wide choice.

Mona Precast are an Anglesey –based company that have been excelling in providing excellent, high-quality concrete paviours for many years. With a client base that stretches far across North Wales and beyond, they have the expertise to help you with the enquiries you may have.

Mona are also an ethical company, meaning that they trade with recycled aggregate products wherever possible. This leaves little in the way of waste and reduces the carbon footprint left behind by the business, something which separates and distinguishes them from their competitors.

For sustainable, high-quality concrete paviours that will not only look good but stand the test of time, be sure to get in touch with Mona Precast. Email them at or telephone 01248 421772 for more information.

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