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Concrete Split Faced Textured Blocks for the Home

Are you building a new home and want to inject a bit of life into its exterior? Or perhaps you are thinking of putting a wall up in the back garden? Then concrete split faced textured blocks could be just the thing you need.

Very much like bricks, blocks are piled together and then connected using a strong, rigid paste that hardens over time. By essentially building these blocks into one formation, you make a very durable and long-lasting construct.

The rich variety of different options that they come in is the main draw for people coming back to these blocks as well as their durability being a key selling point. Despite their decorative qualities, many people opt for concrete blocks as they are also able to withstand plenty of abrasion and pressures over time as they are built from strong aggregates.

As the need for economical means of construction has been growing over the past decade or so, it has been important to use materials and products that are ethically viable. It reduces the likelihood of waste and also lessens the need to produce more by using aggregated product: essentially reconstituted from other used products.

Mona Precast are one such company who try to provide aggregated products wherever they can and they can proudly claim that all their environmentally sustainable items are made of at least 70% recycled aggregate. This lessens the impact of their carbon footprint and is an example similar businesses should really follow.

Thinking of buying concrete split faced textured blocks from Mona Precast? They are able to deliver directly to you, whether it’s a small personal project or a large-scale venture and their expert drivers are available to help. In fact, if you’re looking to undertake an entirely new-build, Mona are able to offer many construction products that you need. From paving products, architectural balustrades and more, they could have the perfect product for you.

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