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The Next Breakthrough in Residential Property Lighting

Lighting is something every property needs and the residential lighting industry has rapidly changed over the last decade, even in North Wales.

Lighting was once simply seen as a necessity but these days, as technology shifts, it has become an integral part of interior design. Interior design itself is constantly changing and now it welcomes customised lighting as the latest trend.

LED Lighting, including state of the art products like LED Ribbon strip, has revolutionised the way interior designers and home owners look at lighting. Only a few years ago lighting was just a standard overhead light bulb or collection of bulbs in the centre of a ceiling in each room.

LED ribbon strips and other similar products have enabled residential lighting to take on a new, chic appearance. Unlike other lights, LEDs have no bulbs and require no fixtures. That means you only need to have the light itself visible. Its flexible application, particularly in LED ribbon strip products, means it can be installed almost anywhere. It has taken people a while to get their head around the possibilities this opens up but now the interior designers, architects, home owners and even artists are reaping the benefits.

LED ribbon strip can be used as accent lighting to highlight anywhere in a room. Interior cupboard lighting, under shelf lighting, illuminated sinks, illuminated mirrors, plants and other nooks and crannies are just a few of the ways people are utilising versatile LED ribbon strip to create modern, fashionable homes. If you prefer elaborate light fixtures well then that is fine too, since LEDs can be fitted into these as well but you will find your electricity bills drop as they face more energy efficient.

The way lighting is used in a room has become a massive part of interior design in modern properties. It is now seen to be as important as the furniture and décor. It goes beyond appropriate accent lighting as well, with the wider range of colour tone offered by LED lights you can create a different mood and atmosphere in every room, in fact you could create different moods and atmospheres in one room throughout different times of the day. This is achieved with sophisticated programmable LED lighting systems. Party mode, relax, fresh daylight, warmth? Different LED lighting installed in various locations, with different intensity and colour programmes, will mean your home is suitable for every occasion.

If you are looking to install a stylish, sophisticated LED lighting system in a North Wales property, LED Illuminations are a professional local company who can help. They are major UK distributors of LED lighting who also happen to be specialists in LED ribbon strips. They are based right here in North Wales in Llandudno, but distribute LED lighting systems to major companies all over the world in a wide variety of industries.

You might have seen smaller examples of their superb products locally this past Christmas (2014) as they supplied the products for the local Mostyn Art Gallery Christmas display.  

The great benefit of using LED Illuminations to supply your lighting is that they not only provide the products and equipment, but have a wealth of knowledge into the technology and the best complete systems to use. Whatever effect you are trying to create they can give you the best advice on how to make it a reality. Using their LED ribbon strips and other products you can create effective designer lighting in residential and commercial properties easily and simply.  

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