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K Rend Suppliers in North Wales

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to adding an exterior render to a property. You have spar and dashing methods, insulated render and of course the ever popular K Rend.

K Rend is the UK’s largest independent pre-mixed silicone render manufacturer and if you are looking for reputable K Rend suppliers in North Wales head on over to Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants with branches in Llandudno Junction and Ruthin.  Richard Williams are the major K Rend supplier for the region.  

Kilwaughter K Rend is one of the most popular choices when it comes to exterior render and was the first to receive the prestigious kitemark license, which is a global symbol of trust representing the company’s commitment to high quality products.

K Rend uses innovative silicone technology to offer water repellency to your render surface. The manufacturer has been developing K Rend for over 25 years and offers a truly comprehensive choice of external silicone renders and finishes to provide a durable weatherproof coating and a natural looking finish to your property’s exterior.

Utilising K Rend over other exterior renders for your property has many benefits. You will find K Rend to be water repellent and low maintenance. With a natural looking finish and an extensive colour range it gives a beautiful appearance to any property and best of it allows the structure to breathe effectively.   

K Rend is also highly resistant to algae growth and lime bloom. Lime bloom is a type of efflorescence (white deposits or stains on building materials). Lime bloom can appear as unsightly white patches or a general over all lightening of the colour. This is usually mistaken as the colour washing out. It is called lime bloom because of the chemical reaction that takes place to bring about this lightening.

When water is added to cement a number of chemical reactions takes place to enable setting and hardening. One of the products is lime in the form of calcium hydroxide, which is slightly soluble. It can move through damp render to the surface and react with carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate which is what is giving that white patch. K Rend uses state of the art chemical knowledge in its manufacturer to make it far more resistant to lime bloom than other forms of exterior render, so you know that when you use K Rend you are getting a high quality finish that lasts.

K Rend coloured renders are available in 20 standard colours from Richard Williams top K Rend suppliers in North Wales.

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