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Rock Armour Projects in the UK

Rock armour is being used in a number of projects throughout the UK for the construction of coastal defences. Defence contractors in the UK are in high demand for these projects and one that is currently underway is the Hartlepool Headland’s building project. Torrential weather on the coastline holds the possibility of damaging properties by the high waves that manage to overcome the existing sea defences. Therefore the maintenance of coastal defences is important to ensure buildings and residential areas close by are protected.

This five-year project estimated at £9.6m is set to strengthen Hartlepool Headland’s sea defences against erosion. New concrete block facing and rock armour is to be installed on the existing sea wall, between the Heugh Gun Battery and Marine Drive. The work is only taking place between March and September in order to avoid disrupting winter birds and will continue in phases until 2020. Hartlepool Council has stated that the works from defence contractors is to last 100 years and protect more than 500 homes within the area, creating big potential for the local areas safety.

Additionally, work is also being carried out on the Newton flood banks where engineers will use over 6,500 tonnes of stone rock armour to shore up the defence. This is aimed to make them more resilient to the effects of the tide in the future. The stone has been brought in by road and stored at the Newton Beach car park ahead of the construction work, to ensure the project starts in a timely manner.

Jennings Building and Civil Engineering Contractors in the North West also offer rock armour services to those who require their knowledge and experience. They are a market leader in the supply and placement of graded rock armour for sea defence and marine projects. They can source large quantities of armour from multiple quarries to avoid importation from Europe. In addition, they have agreements with international aggregate companies who allow them to work at quarry faces to select and grade rock from 0.3tn to 12tn. This is in accordance to the projects requirements.

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