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Biomass Boiler- Renewable Energy Solutions in North Wales & North West

Carbon Zero UK are now able to offer all commercial clients the opportunity to have a free Biomass Boiler. Carbon Zero UK will fully fund and install the boiler for your business, charity, school, club, local authority, nursing home etc. The requirements for this offer are that you should ideally have a freehold property, a boiler size of 200kW+ and they require access to the boiler for around 20 years.

The company is seeking out the organizations that are looking to ‘go green’, but do not have the funds to commit to the initial outlay that are associated with the set up. Carbon Zero will supple and install the Biomass boiler for you, and offer you an ESCO (Energy Supply Contract). This means that when you have the boiler fitted, you will buy the fuel from them for a certain cost over an agreed period of time.

There are various benefits that come along with having the Biomass boiler installed. These include; zero initial costs and a brand new free Biomass boiler. Fixed fuel prices for up to 10 years. The ability to show off your ‘green’ credentials and policies through the media and awards to the public is also an advantage, as well as doing your bit to help reduce the planets carbon footprint.

The government is offering incentives for those who install and use a Biomass boiler, through potential earning ranging from a few thousand a year, to over £20,000, depending on the kW size of the boiler. If you are unable to install the large boilers (around 20kW) then there are options to install smaller version, going down to 15kW in size. If you are interested then checking out Carbon Zero UK is a great option.

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