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Civil engineering is crucial to the ongoing development of mankind, with more and more projects needing careful planning and top quality execution. From building, groundwork and construction, to planning, supply chain and civil engineering, there are a huge number of experienced, high quality organisations that are helping pave the way for a continually better future.

Projects range from designing and building vast air fields and railway stations, all the way to wind farms out at sea and grand mega structures. Structures are being built with attention to its sustainability in the way it is firstly created, as well as when it is up and running, that it is using cutting edge technology to ensure that it is incredibly efficient, while also protecting the environment, paving the way to even more advanced technologies. The past few decades has seen the rise of solar power, rainwater systems, biomass heating, wind farming, wave power and much more, all helping us to provide energy to the world without harming it.

The requirement for more and more buildings is proving an exciting challenge for civil engineering companies north west and construction firms all over the world. Communities across the globe are facing challenges that organisations have been working for years to help, from providing drinking water, all the way to supplying a key area for internet and phone lines, connecting the world.

With denominations such as Geology, Transport, Coastal, Water, Professional practice, Water, Buildings and much more, there are loads of different areas to get involved with. Civil Engineering in North Wales, the UK, Europe, but also across the globe, holds important work that helps us to connect the world, sustain lifelines for communities, and improve the renewability of our power consumption.

The UK’s largest ever prison is currently under construction and will be a state of the art, safe and secure prison based in Wrexham. The £250 million project is underway, and will hold over 2000 inmates and create just shy of 1000 jobs.

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