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Construction industry predicted to create 232,000 new jobs by 2021

A recent report from the Construction Skills Network has predicted that there will be growth within every region across the UK. The report details the expectation of an average 2.5% annual growth for the next five years, which would create around 232,000 new jobs.

The rate across the individual region will vary, but Wales can expect to enjoy the largest percentage growth, with a 7.1% annual construction growth forecast. England follows with 2.5%, while Scotland’s figure is 0.5%. This is driven through the infrastructure and private housing sectors, which has allowed the prediction to compare with pre-recessionary growth periods, which were 2.1%. North Wales construction companies are gearing up for an increased demand over the next five years.

According to the Construction Skills Network report, construction output growth slowed in 2015 as compared to its relatively strong rate in 2014. Though this statistic stands, the industry still expected to have posted an increase of 3.5% in real terms last year, boosting its level to almost equal the peak in 2007.

The growth means that an increase of 232,000 more construction related jobs should be needed. The next few years is seeing a number of large scale Britain based projects become underway or complete, with the likes of new power stations Hinkley Point and Wylfa, alongside projects like Crossrail and HS2. These projects are predicted to drive a year on year growth of 6.1%, while the commercial sector will contribute growth worth 3.4% per annum. Housebuilding is also set to see constant growth and is expected to reach pre-recession levels of £26bn by the year 2020.

In order to fill the demand for these new jobs, CITB policy directory Steve Radley said: “All types of training, and especially apprenticeships, will be vital to delivering this pipeline of work. This positive forecast should inspire more people to start apprenticeships, and more firms to take them on.”

The importance of apprenticeships use and the careers that they morph into is vital to ensuring that the labour matches the demand, ensuring a care, quality and fruitful filling of the new void. The growth has also meant that industry leaders believe that it could attract those workers that have left the industry to return, helping to upskill those working in construction currently. This would allow quicker delivery of projects and allow new housing to be built even quicker and better as according to North Wales construction companies.


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