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Solar Panels for your Home or Business

Solar energy is becoming more and more common for the average home owner, simply because the functionality and advantages it gives are unrivalled. Solar panels can be fitted to your roof, or even in your garden, where they will undertake the job of taking energy from the sun and converting into electricity, of which you can run your day to day electricity needs from. Solar panels in North Wales and other parts of the country are becoming more popular on new build houses with many now coming with solar panels as standard to generate the energy required to run the house.

Solar Panels can also be mounted on a tracker system, whereby it tracks the sun throughout the day. This system could allow your solar panels to generate up to 40% more energy during a day, over traditional roof systems. In April 2010, a feed in tariff came into action that helped support and sway people into installing these Solar PV systems. The deal was introduced that you could get paid by installing and using your Solar panels by electricity companies, which you can also use for your own home. Any energy you don’t use can be sold back to electricity suppliers.

It is a great idea to have Solar Panels installed on your roof or at your property for these great reasons. So if you would like to cut down your energy costs, and potentially generate some income, you should look into getting Solar Panel installation with Carbon Zero UK, who will be more than happy to help.

There are a range of other systems that help compliment this type ‘green’ energy and systems arrangement, with things such as ground, air source energy, infrared heating, rainwater harvesting, solar heating and biomass boiler installation. All of these systems can help save you money, and even generate income that is paid by energy companies and the council, depending on which ones you use.

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