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Why Roof Truss Installation is Gaining Popularity

Fast becoming the favoured choice for homeowners and architects across the UK, roof truss is a popular choice for people who want to a practical and efficient solution for creating new floor levels in their homes.

Aber Roof Truss provide high quality roof truss for homes around North Wales.

When you opt for roof truss as opposed to standard roof support options, there are numerous benefits. These benefits extend not only to your home, but also to your time and wallet.

Here are five advantages of using roof truss in your home:

Cost Reductions

Selecting roof truss means that you can have attractive and complex roof designs in your home, which can be installed more rapidly and cost effectively than traditional roof support options.

Time Saving

Roof truss can be installed quicker than other roof support options, resulting in the costs of manual labour being vastly reduced.

Roof truss installation allows you to add another level to your home within a single day's labour. This is essential for clients looking to construct a home within a specific timescale.

Weather Support

Roof truss can also endure harsh weather conditions, thanks to sturdy timber and strong connections of the truss parts. This will aid in supporting your roof through stormy winter months.


Roof truss also allows you to have flexibility when designing your home, or altering an existing one. Trusses can easily accommodate for features such as skylights, air conditioning units and boiler systems. Trussing also maximises the amount of living space in properties, in both new build and existing houses.

Aesthetic Design

Feature trusses add more character to the ceilings of homes and buildings. Featuring an oak or pine style finish, and the recognisable geometric triangle design, feature trusses are guaranteed to be an aesthetic centrepiece within your home or building.

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