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Buying Property in North Wales

North Wales remains an incredibly beautiful place with stunning views of hills, mountains and the ocean. This unique unofficial region of Wales is a popular destination to movers, being a place of welsh speakers and cultural national identity. There’s plenty to do all year round, especially over the summer and plenty of tourist friendly villages, towns, ruins, mountains, castles, woodlands, waterfalls and lakes. Counties that make up the region are Wrexham, Flintshite, Denbighshire, Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey, which each have their own slightly different geographies and traits, making up North Wales’s unique culture.

North Wales is primarily a rural area, and is made up from mountains, valleys and encircled with a gorgeous coastline with a variation of beaches and cliffs. Its unique landscape has made tourism a large industry in the area. The largest, most populated town in North Wales is Wrexham, other settlements include Llandudno, Rhyl and Pwllheli. There are also a great many smaller settlements, and small villages, throughout places such as Snowdonia which have places to eat, drink and stay over night.

Estate agents in North Wales retain an insightful view of the area and can assist you while searching for your dream home. Many of these are professionally qualified members of the national association of estate agents and with their services you are also getting ongoing support, assistance, help and advice to take a lot of the stress and feeling of bewilderment when buy a new place. Local  estate agents will help you look for the ideal location for you, whether that’s within the mountains, on the top of a hill overlooking the stunning coast or one of the charming towns, Estate Agents North Wales are sure to let you know what’s to offer.

A good location for any first time buys is Conwy, The Conwy County Council agreed that their authority should pay £1 million in order to join a scheme which is set up in order to help first time buyers who cant afford the deposit, this is because when buying a new house a deposit of 15%-25% is sometimes required, and a lender be unable to lend out a sufficient figure to cover this, ending with shortfall. The new local authority mortgage scheme or LAMS allows the council to provide an indemnity to the lender, to a maximum £20,000. This means the lender would have protection for the extra money, and give the movers a larger loan. The maximum value of any properties that would qualify for this scheme is 140,000, and this indemnity lasts for a fixed period of 5 years. Cllr Dilwyn Roberts, the leader of the council said that it “will help our young people find a home.” 22 local authorities and rising are signed to this scheme in England and Wales. Moving to North Wales is not just a life decision that may improve your life, but is now (thanks to this scheme) very practical.

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