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Sprucing Up Your Garden this Spring

Sprucing up your home and garden doesn’t have to break the bank.

With building merchants North Wales supplying all the tools and materials you need for some quick DIY crafts, there are plenty of creative ways to bring your home and garden to life this spring.

Laying Turf
If your garden is lacking life, you might need to put down some fresh turf. Laying turf doesn’t require a professional, but you’ll need to use a guide.
To begin, you’ll have to remove any existing grass in the area of garden you’d like to lay the turf with a spade. Once the grass has been removed, you’ll then have to dig the area about 15 cm deep, removing all debris and stones.

Once you’ve dug out the specified area, use a rake over the ground to ensure an even surface. The area should be completely level and firm. You’ll need to firm down the soil with your feet if you don’t have a garden roller.
Mark out the specific boundaries of the lawn with wooden pegs and sprinkle pre-turf fertiliser on the area to help with the turf rooting process.
Before laying the turf, rake until you are satisfied that the ground is completely level. Once you’re sure, you can then lay the turf immediately.
When laying the turf, begin at the edges of the specified area. Once the edges are done, begin laying the turf from left to right. The joints should be placed just like brick work – from row to row. Turf can be cut to size with a turf cutter and other sharp cutting tools.
It’s helpful to use a timber board to stand on whilst you complete the task. There should be no visible gaps, so ensure that the ends and edges of the turf strips are butted together tightly (without stretching the turf).
Once the turf has been placed, bed it into the soil with a garden roller.
Reclaimed Pallets
Now that you’ve got a lovely lawn, you can start adding DIY décor.
Pallets are great for making a variety of useful furniture around the garden and in the home. If you tend to have a lot of potted plants in your garden, a homemade pallet planter can be a quick and colourful way to display your flowers.
Simply position the pallet vertically, and nail in extra pieces of wood (1x4 is recommended) between the slats to act as shelving for your plants. It can also help to add a piece of wood to the bottom for additional support and balance.
Use a staple gun or nail in plastic gardening material to the bottoms of the shelves. Once this is done, choose your favourite colours and get creative with painting your pallet planter. You could even add stencils for a professional and personalised look.

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