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Why Choose An Open Roof Truss?

The designing and installation of open roof trusses are quickly becoming a popular addition for many new homes north wales homes and across the United Kingdom. A roof truss is a wonderful feature that is intricately designed to the requirements of each individual home, not only looking aesthetically pleasing but reduces construction costs whilst also being much safer for the environment, without being detrimental to reliability or support.

Most open roof trusses can be found in churches, chapels or most places with expansive roof space. The speed that they can be constructed is incredibly beneficial to homeowners, with installation usually being less than one day, and construction taking place solely within a warehouse eliminates the extra costs of on-site building. Standard roofing methods can require load bearing walls in the homes interior, which can cause difficulty when trying to achieve your open-plan layout.

Styles of wood can range from oak to pine and the various ranges of elements and designs for open roof trusses are an appealing factor. An arch-braced truss gives the interior roof a more open feel. A scissor truss is a simple design; with its name being taken from the shear-like shape it creates. The most commonly used is a hammer beam truss, a development of the arch-braced, which you will certainly recognise from entering any grand church or chapel.

The spacious atmosphere that an open roof truss brings is value in itself, but when designed and installed correctly is not only visually captivating but can also increase the value to your property, without costing a small fortune to achieve.

Each truss can be designed and tailored in a way that completely suits your needs, giving your home a quick and easy way to obtain a unique look, making any new or existing home owner feel at ease with their design choice.

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