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The Facts and Myths of the Wood Burning Stove

North Wales Stoves serve customers throughout North Wales and the Cheshire region.  We have noticed that there has recently been a surge in popularity for the humble wood burning stove in Cheshire especially.  With energy prices reaching dizzy new heights customers are becoming aware of the potential alternatives to their current heating system and the pennies that they could save every month.

Recently I attended a dinner party and listened to a fellow guest from Cheshire recount a story about how she has an amazing new stove where one stick seemingly warms the entire house from top bottom.  I can tell you that this is true to an extent as a wood burning stove has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to energy consumption and practicality.  Stoves are usually used to heat only one room, not an entire house and other back up heating systems are usually used in conjunction with the stove such as a back boiler to provide hot water.  

There are a variety of materials that you can use with a wood burning stove and wooden chips can be used to heat an entire house or groups of buildings.  Pellets are a lot easier to control compared to logs as log burning stoves and boilers have to be filled by hand and pellet and chip systems often have an inbuilt automatic fuel feeder which refills at regular intervals.  Economically logs are a lot cheaper to obtain than chips or pellets, particularly if you live in a rural location.  

There have been incidents of fuel theft in the press recently and if you live in a rural location you will need a secure and safe place to store your fuel that is sufficiently large enough to receive deliveries.  Wood burners are a lot larger than gas and oil equivalents and you will have to take into account whether your property is big enough for a wood burning system.  There are potential start up costs to consider if you do not have a flue that meets wood burning standards, a stainless steel pipe or have your chimney lined in your property.  

If you have any questions we are happy to offer advice on a suitable wood burning stove for your property.  Whether you would like a stove installed at your holiday home in Snowdonia or want to save money on your energy bills in your main home we can offer a full installation that complies with HETAS standards.   North Wales Stoves operates across the North Wales and Cheshire areas and we are big enough to cope and small enough to care.

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