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5 Exciting Developments in North Wales

5 Exciting property developments in Construction North Wales

With it’s fast expanding economy and popularity as a destination, it's no wonder that North Wales is an extremely popular place for investment and infrastructure, as well as the building of exciting and beautiful homes thanks to its attractive spot on the map.

To give you a hand to what’s happening right now, we’re making a list of some of the most exciting developments in Construction North Wales.

1. Blue Bay Homes ‘The View’ Old Colwyn

On the crest of the great cliff which overlooks the Bay of Colwyn, with old Colwyn and the Irish sea staring off into the distance. The absolutely unrivalled view which is offered for this area, can you imagine what it would be like to live with a view facing out into it. Well that fantasy is now a reality, with Blue Bay Homes’ The View development in place. This is a series of townhouses and apartment suites which are lined up and offer a supreme view over the coastline. In the whole world. It would be difficult to imagine such a brilliant tony stark-esque view.

2. Holyhead Marina

The £100m project has been held up slightly but thanks to developers fighting for he contract. A detailed scheme is now expected to be submitted sometime in 2018 - it will bring a major boost of regeneration to the area.

3. Caernarfon Waterfront

Caernarfon Waterfront. The town is set to be transformed with £15m cash injection into the area. This will make hundreds of construction roles available as the towns’ seafront is transformed into a art-filled paradise. It will revolutionise tourism to the medieval town and change things for the better. The heritage lottery has reserves 3.5m alone for the Cei Llechi project which will transform the seafront into a hub of arts and crafts. The creation of an all new ffestiniog and welsh highland railway which will cost around 2.3 million and pull in thousands more tourists and locals to what is a currently underutilised area of the town.

4. The Airfields, Deeside, - located in the deeside enterprise zone, the airfields extend to 140 acres and has outline planning permission for industrial, retail and leisure occupiers,. This is a fantastic opportunity for big businesses to have an established foothold in the area. Expect plenty of Construction North Wales over the next few months.

5. Council Offices Colwyn Bay

This is going to bring a number of benefits to the town. It’s a part of the effort to regenerate Colwyn Bay. The town offices will bring plenty of people to the area to work and bring the centre of town into a veritable hub of activity.

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