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Understanding Dormer Roofs

Dormer roofs, in architecture, are a vertical window that is projected out from a standard sloping roof. Their main purpose is to extend the living space inside the roof, most commonly for bedrooms. The dormer roof derives from the Latin dormitorium, or “sleeping room”. You can commonly find a dormer extension either on the face of a wall or on the roof.

The style of simple dormers will often be constructed in a row, which is akin to the styles found in Teutonic countries. More decorative dormers were constructed during the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods. Gabled roof dormers resemble the architecture of the Tudor period in England and Scotland.

Dormers have increased in popularity over the past few decades and it’s no wonder why. Their ability to transform a living space with natural light and an ample extension is a proven attribute to their increased popularity. By adding a dormer roof into your existing roof you can completely transform a cramped loft or attic space and will notice a significant increase in the overall value of your property.

Below is a list of the various dormer types available for construction:

Gable Fronted Dormer – The most common type of dormer found in existing residential properties.

Hip Roof Dormer – Has three sloping planes that protrude from each side of the dormer frame.

Wall Dormer – This dormer type is a continuation in the wall of the property.

Flat Roof Dormer – This dormer type has a single flat plane instead of a pitched roof style and is the popular choice for UK-based homes.

New build homes in the United Kingdom are opting to have flat roof dormers as they are the cheapest option available when carrying out home improvements or renovations. Not only are they cheaper, but they provide the most additional internal space. There are styles that are more attractive to those looking from the outside, such as a hipped or gable dormer.

Get in touch with your nearest feature truss designers and manufacturers for more information on constructing your dream dormer extension. A majority of these companies will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote to begin the process.

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