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Roofing Replacement Alternative You Should Consider

Your house is due for a well-needed revamp and that includes the replacement of your old tired roof. Before jumping right ahead and choosing a like-for-like replacement, why not consider other new alternatives that are on the market which not only look great but can even last longer!

Roofers Conwycan give you the well needed advice for choosing a new roof with years of experience under their belt. Take a look at some of the alternatives we have put together below.

Stone-Coated Metal

If it’s a long-lasting roof you are after you should consider getting a stone-coated metal roof. Whilst being of premium quality it has a warranty too of up to 50 years – as long as you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions that is. This roofing type is fire, wind and hail resistant due to the granite coating it has on top and above gives the appearance of original clay tiles, making it great for any type of property.

Metal Roofs

You probably have come across metal roofs before, however, the metal roofs we are talking about are much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These roofs are made from copper and feature vertical panels, which can prove very costly in comparison with asphalt alternatives, however, they are much more long-lasting.

Solar Shingles

Becoming more and more popular to make our houses more energy efficient, solar panels can save you money in the future – but that does come at a cost! Solar panels aren’t the cheapest alternatives when it comes to roofing Conwy, and doesn’t necessarily give your roof that aesthetic appeal you may be after, however, they do offer a great return on investment.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete over the years has grown in popularity, whether it be for concrete worktops or concrete sinks, the same applies for concrete roofs. Considered ancient when it comes to roofing, concrete roofs have been around for quite some time, however, its popularity has soared as of late. Although not the most beautiful as far as roofing goes, there are now some new modern alternatives with features such as tinting and the option to paint the tiles your desired colour. Concrete is very durable and is resistant to corrosion, fire, wind and hail and can in fact be less costly overall.

Clay Tiles

Some still like to respect tradition and still opt for traditional roofing such as clay tiles. Although similar to concrete tiles, clay tiles has a better aesthetic appeal and promote air circulation and reflection of sun rays and the costs can be significantly lower especially for installation. 


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