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Renovation Project: Considerations

Renovations North Walesneed to be planned meticulously before any work can commence. Research should be done before any project begins, you should look at how much your home will fetch on the current market and compare it to others recently sold nearby. 

Who Will Buy?

You should consider your surroundings, for example; making a two-bed house into a three or four-bed house in the catchment area of a fantastic school will do a lot more good than taking on similar home improvements in an area where the local school doesn’t have a shining record. 

Also, think about the kind of people that might be looking to buy in your area, what they’re likely to be looking for, and what might put them off making an offer. Look at your home with a critical and objective eye, is there anything ‘missing’ that other properties in your area already have. 

Where to Improve

Have a look around your home and try to identify areas which would benefit the most from some home improvements, and then establish how much you’re feasibly prepared to spend - from less than £1,000 to spruce up the exterior and the garden, to upwards of £20,000 for adding an extension. Start investigating costs for typical rates, but don’t make any firm decisions until you’ve gotten at least three expert quotes. 

More Bang for Your Buck

Completing individual home improvements, such as installing a high-spec bathroom or a stunning new kitchen, might increase the value of your home and make it a more attractive option to prospective buyers, but it is very important to maximise the overall impact of every single home improvement that you make, and to visualise each improvement in the context of your home. This will help in futureproofing your time, money, effort and hopefully avoiding the expense of retro-fitting at a later date. 

  • Extensions

Don’t just think about having extra space, think about the lighting. Never skimp on the size of the windows, and even add in some doors that open directly to the garden or even rooflights to maximise the natural light. 

  • Doors & Windows

Buy windows with the best U-value rating you can afford, and choose timeless, easy-to-maintain styles. 

  • Heating

If you need to fit a new boiler and radiator, it might make sense to include a multi-fuel stove as they are very popular and can be easily incorporated into your heating system. 


Consider the new balance of your home with the improvements - will the end result mean an uneven balance in the bedrooms and bathrooms ratio? It is also good practice to undertake improvements that are in keeping with the value of the house; putting in a cheap kitchen in an expensive house is just as backwards as putting in a really expensive kitchen in a modestly priced house. 

Think about the housing price bracket your home is currently in; completing some improvements could push your home into the next property market bracket. If you take a three-bed, one bath property to four-beds and two baths, this then opens up a whole new marketing opportunity, and should have a positive impact on the house price. 

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