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Ideas for Small Kitchens

We all know the age-old saying, ‘good things come in small packages’, this statement can be true for your small kitchen with some careful planning and help from kitchen designers Colwyn Bay. With the right guidance from industry professionals you can make your compact kitchen functional and stylish. Here are some small kitchen ideas which will help you to make your small kitchen look more spacious. 

Cabinet Ideas

Being clever with your cabinets is a major part of nailing a small kitchen design. Here are some ideas for what you can do with yours:

Use Custom Storage Features: why not utilise a pull-out corner carousel? These space savers make it easier to access hard-to-reach corner cupboards; these carousels come in a variety of shapes and extension lengths which make them perfect for maximising all the space you have available in your kitchen. Those with small kitchens will appreciate how making the most of the space can increase your storage facilities. 

Creative Unit Size: open shelving has dramatically risen in popularity in the last few years, and even having half-height wall units can keep the walls clutter-free and looking stylish. The demand for minimalist styled kitchens has also grown, with the ‘Marie Kondo’ effect trickling into all aspects of life. Being creative with your unit specifications can also help you to achieve 65% extra storage; opting for extra tall and deep cabinets can help to rectify the issues many small kitchens have with a lack of storage space. 

Simple Colour Scheme: choosing lighter colours will help to make your kitchen feel brighter and airy. Using gloss cabinet doors can help to bring some more light into your kitchen - some small kitchens struggle with lighting, which can result in the rooms being quite gloomy. Using the natural lighting to maximum effect and also giving it a helping hand with the colour scheme and artificial lighting. 

Small Kitchen Layouts

Clever storage solutions and creative planning can help you to make the best use of the space in your small kitchen. Having a well-thought out small kitchen layout can also help to make your room feel larger than it is. Here are a few layout ideas suitable for small kitchens:

Galley Kitchen Layout: this style has a run of cabinets on each side of the room - this kitchen design works well with narrow kitchens. It utilises all the free wall space and it is a traditional and classic small kitchen layout. This provides a balanced look which can be enhanced with some linear design elements. 

Open-Plan Kitchen Layout: a small open-plan layout kitchen can be an extremely versatile living space which combines areas for cooking, dining, socialising and even working. This open-plan layout can help to flood your kitchen with lots of natural light which can help to make it appear to be larger. 

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout: in a smaller room, an L-shaped design fits nicely into one corner. This layout keeps everything you need within easy reach and it also then frees up some floor space - with potential to create a small open-plan kitchen-diner which is ideal for entertaining. 

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout: this design uses three walls instead of just two, U-shaped kitchens make the best use of your available space. They also offer the maximum amount of storage for your kitchen, this layout helps to keep everything close at hand.

Kitchen Ideas

Here are four of the best small kitchen ideas to inspire you when you start your planning journey for your small kitchen:

Storage Focused: combining extra tall wall units with half-height units make the most of the available wall space and also increases the amount of storage your kitchen has. This also then leaves you with some other walls free for open shelving ideas. 

Light & Bright: choose some glossy cabinet doors which will bounce light around your room to make it seem bigger than it is. You can also maximise the natural light by positioning your kitchen close to the windows in your room. 

Compact & Colourful: small kitchens can still pack a colourful punch, balance out your accent colours with a neutral palette. For example you could go with a gorgeous soft blue mixed with white worktops and open shelving to give an open and unclutter space. 

The Dark Side: using charcoal as a base colour can work well in a small kitchen layout. Choosing a handleless design which will create a streamlined and elegant look, you can then even break up the black with some grey hues for the worktop and the floor.

Completing Your Small Kitchen

Here are some great tips to complete your small kitchen when you have limited space to work with:

Embrace Smart Lighting Options: by installing some clever lighting options in your kitchen, it can give the illusion of more space in a compact room. Smart and slim downlighters can help to brighten previously dark areas and can help your kitchen to feel more open. 

Choose Matching Materials: this is a favourite; make a neat and beautiful border by pairing your worktop material with a matching upstand or backsplash. You will also be able to fit a thinner profile work surface in order to make your small kitchen feel less crowded. 

Pick Appropriate Appliances: integrated appliances are the new trendy kid on the block when it comes to kitchens. They do a fantastic job of making your kitchen appear less cluttered and busy.

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