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Should I Get a Roof Truss?

Having a roof that is properly supported is the key to a long lasting building. Using roof trusses for the roof design is an option favoured by lots of architects and structure designers in the UK due to how advantageous they are. This article will explain what a roof truss is, and why they can be so beneficial to your build. 

More often than not, the roof truss is hidden away in the attic of the building. This style roof truss is usually referred to as trussed rafters or ‘attic trusses’. These are carefully designed to maximise the space in your loft, so much so that they can provide an additional living space. 

Another style roof truss is a ‘feature truss’. This is a truss which is on display in the building, and can act as a room feature or decorative element. However, these aren’t there just to look pretty, the exposed truss will still be adding great support to your roof structure. 

What are the benefits to a roof truss?

If you are considering a roof truss for your build, then you may want to understand the benefits of this:

  • Bespokely Designed

Roof trusses are manufactured to fit your home specifically, so will be designed bespoke. This ensures that your roof is receiving as much support and benefiting from them as much as possible. 

  • Suits Most Buildings

The flexibility in the design of roof trusses means that they can fit the majority of building types and shapes, and can be added to existing roofs. 

  • They Last a Lifetime

Roof trusses are guaranteed to last the life of building. They are carefully put together with super sturdy wood and extra strong metal plates. 

  • Quick Installation Time

Roof trusses can be installed into your building reasonably quickly. This reduces the labour time you will be paying for, and therefore the overall cost. 

  • No On-Going Construction on Site

The roof trusses will be crafted elsewhere, so your site will not be turned into a temporary construction site. Which also means there is less mess to deal with. 

Are roof trusses an environmentally friendly option?

Roof trusses are a more environmentally friendly option for your roof structure as they require around 30% less wood than traditional rafters. If your roof truss construction company chooses to use sustainable timber, then this is even better. 

The concern for the state of our planet is ever-growing, so it is crucial we make calculated decisions and are aware of the impact on our environment. 

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