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How to Install and Indoor TV Aerial

A lot of content is now online, but it’s worth having the TV channels available if you find yourself at a loss with what to watch. We’re going to explain how you can install indoor TV Aerials Llandudno yourself. You should always remember though that it is best done by a professional if you want the best signal! A DIY job can result in dodgy signals, or worse – breaking your new aerial. 


How do I install an indoor TV aerial?

First you will need to purchase your materials:

  • Indoor aerial

  • Mounting equipment (tape, bracket)

  • Extension leads & cables.

If you’re connecting more than one TV you will also need:

  • A splitter

  • Coaxial cables

  • Digital converter

Connect the aerial to the back of the TV.

Read the instructions that came with the aerial carefully, and connect it to the back of the TV. Your TV should have a built-in system to assess the signal and you can use this as a gauge to find the best location for your aerial. 

Find the best placement for the aerial. 

Factors including height, angles, and location all have an input in getting the best signal. Make sure that it isn’t placed directly beside your TV. Consider a space on a tall piece of furniture like a bookcase or shelf. 

Use a space which doesn’t have many obstructions around it. Indoor obstacles include thick insulated walls, and large pieces of furniture. Aim to be close to a window that opens out to a clear area which isn’t crowded with buildings. 

Once you have found a good spot, play around with the direction and angle and where it receives the best signal. If in doubt, check your neighbours aerials out!

Now tune your TV!

Now you have your aerial up and running, you can begin to scan your TV for channels. There are so many available, but your location and connection will limit you. You can check which ones should be available to you on the internet if you search for your postal code area, if you are in North Wales, you should get a great selection of Welsh channels. If you don’t have many channels then you might need to re-adjust. 

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