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How to Tell if Your Roofing Contractor is Untrustworthy

There are bound to be a few untrustworthy roofing contractors around, so it is best that you understand how to spot the signs that they aren’t up to any good. If you need work on your roof, you should be careful who you choose due to scammers in the trade. If you are eldery, be especially concerned, as they may pick you as an easy target. 

On the bright side, there are plenty of decent roofers North Wales around. Consider taking a recommendation from a friend, and taking a look at reviews on their sites. 

Look out for the following signs to spot a untrustworthy roofing contractor: 

They turn up out of the blue.

If a roofer turns up at your house unannounced and claims that they spotted a problem with your roof whilst passing, then you should have alarm bells. They will then often offer to have a look for free, and result in telling you there are serious issues. 

Don’t let them carry out any work on your roof without being sure there is actually a problem. They will often scare you into saying yes. 

Lack of testimonials from previous customers. 

Ask the roofing contractor if they have any testimonials or information on previous jobs they have carried out. It would be helpful to see images of before and after. 

If the work you need requires at least 50% of the roof to be refurbished, then check that the roofer is part of the Competent Roofer Scheme. 

You are offered an estimate instead of a solid quote. 

If the roofing contractor gives you an estimate of the final cost, then you should get this in writing in case they end up asking for a considerable amount more. It is probably ok to let this slide if you are only having a small job, but if it's a large refurbishment job, make sure to get a quote. 

They insist on upfront cash payments. 

A popular scamming strategy from builders is to offer you a special, one off deal, but you must pay upfront in cash to receive it. 

Contractors that are paid in tax are likely to be trying to avoid tax too. If something goes wrong, it will be very hard to track them down and sort out the issue. 

They give you a good deal due to “leftover materials”.

Never take this at face value, it is a common way of tricking someone into thinking that they have got a good deal. 

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