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Loft Conversions - Do I Need An Architect?

You’ve decided to convert your loft so you have more space in your home. To do so, you may want to hire an architect Chester to achieve that quality finish you need. It is important when converting your loft not to scrimp out on this, and here's why.

Why do I need architectural drawings?

The purpose of architectural drawings are to help set out the intentions of your loft space and help contractors when it comes around to construction too. 

Architectural drawings are technical plans which are put together by architects to help put a possible design together for your intended space. These can include floor plans, elevations, site plans and even roof plans. 

Depending on what you are looking for in your newly designed loft conversion, you may need to seek planning permission. This is where architectural plans are needed, or, you may be intending to use your permitted development rights. It helps having an architect on board when using your permitted development rights too, as you know your plans will be accurate and in detail.

Do loft conversions require architect’s drawings?

Loft conversions don’t require architectural drawings - for some though you do. Depending on the type of loft conversion you are after you will need to seek an architect - see below.

  • Flat roof dormer

  • Mansard

  • Hip to gable

As these types of conversion require additions to your roof, an architect is highly recommended who will appoint roofers Llandudno for you if needed. Also, be wary that the exterior of your property will be under stricter planning scrutiny, so you will need someone who has an understanding of planning and experience in approved loft conversion structures in the past - preferably in your local area too!

Benefits of having an architect

Whether you decide to go big or small with your loft conversion there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring an architect to help you with the job. 

These include:

  • An informed timeline and budget for your project

  • Maximise your space

  • Maximise your home’s resale value

  • More change of planning approval

  • Make sure you are within your permitted development rights

  • Allows you to visualise your space before it is constructed

  • Provides advice on trends and future proofing of your space

  • Recommend good trusted professionals to construct your design

Risks from not using an architect

Depending on how complex your project is not appointing an architect to help can be very damaging and costly. 

You will run the risk of:

  • Being refused for planning permission

  • Incur penalties if permitted development rights haven’t been followed and a certificate isn’t obtained

  • Poor overall design which can be damaging to your home’s resale value

  • Incur extra costs with structural engineers and contractors who will need to produce similar drawings to that of an architect before they start work themselves.

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