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What To Look For In Your Commercial Cleaning Service

What To Look For In Your Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning can be quite broad but it is a necessity for any business owner. A regular cleaning service will allow you to keep your space neat and sanitary whilst also minimising the spread of any viruses.

Not all services are the same, so look out for one that will offer everything you need to give you good value for money and to ensure nothing gets missed.

Services To Look For In A Cleaning Service


Experience is key with any job but having a cleaner that is experienced not only in cleaning but specifically commercial cleaning. Residential properties differ vastly from commercial ones and looking to see if they have any experience with other businesses is important.


Having a cleaning service that is flexible to your needs is important. Larger cleaning teams are great for this as they have more cleaners Llandudno on hand if you do need them. Commercial cleaning services should also be able to work around your team’s work schedule, and if they don't, look elsewhere.


When it comes to cleaning, consistency is vital. It’s a given that on the first clean that any cleaning service will do a tremendous job, however, you still want this level of consistency 4 or 5 cleans in too.


When it comes to outsourcing your cleaning, you also need to find a service that is affordable for you. Of course the age old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ comes in place in this scenario. However, just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you should expect a bad service. You need to weigh up what is more important and judge costs on that.

Other Services

When it comes to cleaning, other services such as window cleaning, and more popular, disinfecting, can be useful for those times when you need it. Having a cleaning service that does it all means you no longer need to look elsewhere for additional services when the time arrives.

Custom Plans

To really maximise your budget, see if your prospective cleaning provider provides custom plans. So you can add on or take off as you wish.

Cleaning for your Industry

Depending on your industry you may require a more specialised type of clean - for example the medical industry and food service industry. Check that your chosen provider has relevant experience in your sector before you get going, as experienced professionals will know what standards are required.

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