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Questions To Ask Your Architect

Planning your dream home is an exciting time, but finding the perfect architect can be daunting as you want to find one that will make your dream become reality. That’s why it’s great to ask an architect Cheshire the questions in this post. So, let’s start building your dream home.

Signature Styles

Some architects and designers have their personal signature styles, so exploring whether yours matches their ideas and intentions is good to consider. Of course, during your consultation with the designer, you will discuss all your initial ideas and how you want your home to look. Whether you’re looking for modern design or roots of traditional architecture, be sure to look at previous projects of theirs.

Who Will Build?

Typically, architects work closely with builders and form a good relationship with them. With this, they are able to lead you in the right direction of finding the right builder for you. You don’t want your dream design to be ruined by a bad builder, and there are many of those in the industry. So, getting all the project lines in order, such as who will design and build your project is important. 

Planning Permissions

Sometimes it can be stressful to worry about planning permission, but you should ask your architect or designer if they contribute to organising this. Today, planning permission can be required on the smallest of projects, which is why getting this check with the correct people will help make sure the project runs smoothly. This will definitely take some weight off your shoulders, so checking this is one to remember during your consultation. 

How Often Are Updates?

You want to be in the loop on how your project is coming along, so checking how often the architect keeps you updated is good to ask. This will show that they are doing all tasks within their noted time frame. Also, it will give them an opportunity to highlight any issues that may have occurred, or potential changes that may need to be made. 

Depending on how involved you want to be within the project, it’s good to discuss this with the architect. Ensuring you have clarity on the matter will invite you to find an industry expert that understands your needs, matching exactly what you’re looking for.

How Long Will The Process Take?

Especially important if you’re on a time limit, checking how long the project will take to complete is good to confirm with the architect. They should be able to advise you on the estimated time period, from initial design drawings, to the finished construction. This will help you keep updated on the building plans and a time period for when your dream home becomes reality!

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