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IMAGE A sharp rise in property transactions
Residential property transactions have risen by 24% in October, as opposed to the previous month, which comes as good news to home owners, where on average it pushes the price of their home up by around 0.1%. This has been the first monthly increase since May, earlier this year. Although this may not be spectacular news, it is certainly better news than discovering another drop, so home owners hav...
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IMAGE Wales on track for 7,500 more affordable homes target | Property North Wales
The Welsh Government made it clear that they wanted to create more affordable housing for those who struggle to get themselves established on the property market. The Welsh Government set an ambitious target of creating 7,500 more affordable homes, and after recent measurement, seem to be well on the way.A third of the target has been delivered in the 2011 - 2012 financial year, which meant a tota...
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IMAGE North Wales construction and civil engineering
North Wales construction and civil engineering is seeing a growth across the region, partly due to the Welsh Government’s distribution of grants and funding to good causes, to help boost the area, facilities, community and economy. Not only is the Welsh Government doing their bit, but business’ located within the area are making an effort to have new construction and civil engineering ...
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IMAGE 300,000 New Homes to be built on Brownfield Sites
The Future Homes Commission, which is part of the Royal Institute of British Architects, has issued a report to the government calling for 300,000 new homes to be built on brownfield land in Great Britain. This is great news for housing developers in Colwyn Bay who will be able to take advantage of the new proposals and the tax payer will not have to pay for the developments, as it will be old gov...
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IMAGE The Facts and Myths of the Wood Burning Stove
North Wales Stoves serve customers throughout North Wales and the Cheshire region.  We have noticed that there has recently been a surge in popularity for the humble wood burning stove in Cheshire especially.  With energy prices reaching dizzy new heights customers are becoming aware of the potential alternatives to their current heating system and the pennies that they could save every ...
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