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IMAGE Local Construction Company Signs 5th Contract with Industry Leaders
Brenig Construction have shown themselves to be true rising stars in the construction North Wales sector. This innovative and dynamic young team have been chosen for important and prestigious contracts since their start up and have even won awards for being the best new start up business in the Daily Post Business Awards last year.Brenig Construction may be a local firm but they have worked alongs...
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IMAGE Concrete Building Products in North Wales
Monaprecast are a reliable, high quality manufacturer of concrete building blocks, block paving, 'lego' blocks and architectural masonry. They have a premium range of paving products unrivalled by any in the area, including a stunning range of concrete paving slabs and flags.
Monaprecast are the go-to manufacturer of paving products in North Wales and they have manufactured paving products ...
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IMAGE Plant Hire North Wales
Plant hire is the service of providing various pieces of heavy machinery, tools and other equipment of a range of sizes depending on the job. This normally entails renting out large construction vehicles for a set amount of time.Instead of purchasing expensive equipment and machinery outright to undertake jobs, Plant Hire North Wales can be used in order to hire the required equipment. Plant hire ...
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IMAGE LED Lights and the Environment
If you are moving into a new home, refurbishing or deciding on the components for the construction of your next architectural masterpeice then why not choose lighting systems that save the owners money and reduce your impact on the environment?
Recently many construction companies in North Wales are being much more environmentally conscious with new Governmental requirments to meet energy e...
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IMAGE Top Facts about Surveying
Though you may find surveyors in North Wales and places all around the world these days, it was 3000 years ago where the practice of surveying first started in ancient Egypt. Although it’s moved on a lot in the three millenniums since Cleopatra’s heyday, the basic principles have stayed the same.
At its essence, surveying simply refers to determining whether land is suitable for...
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