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IMAGE Concrete Blocks
Concrete blocks are an essential and economic building material which has a number of construction applications. These blocks are made from cast concrete, i.e. Cement and aggregate, sand or fine gravel for high density blocks. Lower density blacks can be made with industrial waste as an aggregate. Lightweight blocks can be produced using aerated concrete.
Monaprecast Concrete Blocks Manufac...
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IMAGE All about Roofs & Roof Trusses
Roofs are one of the most important constructions know to human beings.
They protect us (and our possessions) from wind, rain, snow and hail, and keep heat in our houses when it’s cold outside. They have been used and built for millennia by humans (and indeed some animals) all over the world.
What is a roof?
A roof is a structure found on the upper-side of ...
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IMAGE Landscaping DIY - Tips and ideas for beginners!
If you are trying out landscaping or are planning to make few changes to your garden and exterior designs, there are a number of different factors you may want to consider before undertaking work. This article will outline some advice and range of ideas that you may be able to apply or draw inspiration from to ensure you end up with exactly what you envisioned.
There are a number of differe...
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