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IMAGE Garden Improvements: How to Lay a Lawn
Gardens have become more a of sanctuary than ever before during the current world situation. Investing in some beautiful recycled plastic garden furniture can help to make your garden the oasis you dream about.
If you are looking to radically change your garden space there are plenty of options. Two of the biggest are to add lawns or paved areas. Although these two are opposites they both c...
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IMAGE Things You Should Know Before Switching to LEDs
It is well known that LEDs are a much more environmentally friendly option than their incandescent counterparts. However, that doesn’t always guarantee a switch; if you’re still on the fence between LED rope lights and incandescent bulbs, here are some things you should know before you make the switch.

Easier than you Think
To get all the benefits of LED without r...
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IMAGE Look After Your Greenhouse: Ventilation & Shading
With summer well and truly here (for the most part!), it’s time to consider your greenhouse. Whether it is made of glass or plastic, it can easily overheat in sunny weather. Your plants can be protected from excess heat through appropriate shading and ventilation. This is where your green house staging can come in useful, their tiered structure allows plants to be placed in the shade with ea...
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IMAGE Decluttering Kitchen Cupboards
With all the extra time on our hands at the moment, many of us have turned our attention to home improvement related projects. A popular choice has been decluttering the kitchen, making one of the busiest rooms in the house more streamlined, fresh and efficient. The kitchen often suffers from a lot of food and tableware being thrown into cupboards in a haphazard fashion, this makes the room less e...
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IMAGE How to Tell if Your Roofing Contractor is Untrustworthy
There are bound to be a few untrustworthy roofing contractors around, so it is best that you understand how to spot the signs that they aren’t up to any good. If you need work on your roof, you should be careful who you choose due to scammers in the trade. If you are eldery, be especially concerned, as they may pick you as an easy target. 
On the bright side, there are plenty of ...
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