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IMAGE Sustainable Building Methods in North Wales
What Are Sustainable Building Methods?Some of the key features being employed in modern construction to make building a more sustainable practice and therefore more environmentally friendly are:1. Using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible in the building process. This could be anything from recycled wood and stone, which makes sure the actual construction of new properties is more ...
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IMAGE Concrete Split Faced Textured Blocks for the Home
Are you building a new home and want to inject a bit of life into its exterior? Or perhaps you are thinking of putting a wall up in the back garden? Then concrete split faced textured blocks could be just the thing you need.
Very much like bricks, blocks are piled together and then connected using a strong, rigid paste that hardens over time. By essentially building these blocks into one fo...
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IMAGE What are concrete paviours?
Despite the possibly unfamiliar name, you may have actually stepped on one or two concrete paviours this morning on your way into work.
By definition, paviours and paving stones that interconnect with each other to create a composite pathway or drive for your car. In fact, if you were to step out your front door right now then you will no doubt be in close proximity to them as they are wide...
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