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IMAGE Why Choose An Open Roof Truss?
The designing and installation of open roof trusses are quickly becoming a popular addition for many new homes north wales homes and across the United Kingdom. A roof truss is a wonderful feature that is intricately designed to the requirements of each individual home, not only looking aesthetically pleasing but reduces construction costs whilst also being much safer for the environment, without b...
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IMAGE Making Carpet Cleaning Easier
We can all agree that cleaning carpets around your home is a task that we most certainly delay for as long as possible. It can be a chore; however, a carpet in North Wales that is cared for properly can breathe life into any room, and will maintain a healthier aesthetic for longer.Regular cleaning is a necessity for the removal of dirt and potentially harmful materials that cause illnesses. Luckil...
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IMAGE Emerging Kitchen Trends of Summer 2017
Your kitchen is truly the star of the home, and one that’s certainly worth investing in. Furniture comes and goes, but your kitchen is here to stay. What’s more, your kitchen is the one room in the house that has the potential to add the most value to your home in the shortest period of time. It’s for this reason that we take kitchen design very seriously. So we’ve got for ...
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