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Emerging Kitchen Trends of Summer 2017

Your kitchen is truly the star of the home, and one that’s certainly worth investing in. Furniture comes and goes, but your kitchen is here to stay. What’s more, your kitchen is the one room in the house that has the potential to add the most value to your home in the shortest period of time. It’s for this reason that we take kitchen design very seriously. So we’ve got for you, the most up-to-date kitchen styles of summer 2017 from Kitchen designers Conwy.

Combining old with new – Designers are combining the most loved styles of the past to create new and stylish innovations in the kitchen. SMEG fridges are just one example of how this is being applied – using retro style with ultra smart and savvy technology.

Industrial Elements – The industrial look has certainly been hitting the showrooms, favourited for its low fuss, methodical appearance. This look can easily be created by combining earthy tones and textures with raw looking metal, wood and tile elements.

Kitchen creative spaces – Let's face it. We don’t just use the kitchen for cooking and cleaning. It’s for family time, for working and even for socialising as well. So, it makes sense that we create a space for creativity. Chalkboard walls and even chalkboard fridges (yes, you read that right) are being welcomed more than ever. It doesn’t, need to be that outlandish either. Incorporating USB ports and isolated workspaces are a great adaptation of this

Original worktops – These days, many are looking something a little different when it comes to their worktops. New styles of granite are being used for their originality with new pattern, hues and colours running through them.

Original, Hand Crafted Details – In the spirit of using original, raw looking ornaments and trinkets - handcrafted pottery and ceramics will work beautifully in your kitchen this year. Nothing beats knowing that you won’t find another jug, candle holder or place mat. Why not visit your local ceramics or pottery store and ask if they can make a custom piece for you?


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