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IMAGE How to Plan a Home Renovation Project
Home renovation is an exciting time for any family, couple or property developer. There can be incredible finds, like discovering beautiful original features underneath panels, or just under years worth of accumulated dust. Renovations North Wales, means a chance to put your own stamp on a home - being able to put down roots and settling down in a home that you’ve created and curated yoursel...
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IMAGE Finding an Architect in Chester
Choosing the right architects when you’re planning on having home improvement or having a new home entirely is a very important task. BR Architecture, Architect Chester provides a design service to both business and home owners in a very accessible, easy to use and customer orientated format.Architect Chester will visit the site initially to discuss your proposals and offer free advice. Once...
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IMAGE Ideas for Small Kitchens
We all know the age-old saying, ‘good things come in small packages’, this statement can be true for your small kitchen with some careful planning and help from kitchen designers Colwyn Bay. With the right guidance from industry professionals you can make your compact kitchen functional and stylish. Here are some small kitchen ideas which will help you to make your small kitchen look m...
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IMAGE Renovation Project: Considerations
Renovations North Walesneed to be planned meticulously before any work can commence. Research should be done before any project begins, you should look at how much your home will fetch on the current market and compare it to others recently sold nearby. 

Who Will Buy?
You should consider your surroundings, for example; making a two-bed house into a three or four-bed hous...
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IMAGE Selecting an Architect in Cheshire to Renovate Your Home
You might have some idea in mind of what your dream home looks like, but when picturing it in your head – you might not always think of your own.
Whether it’s because you feel your home too small or it just doesn’t let enough light through where you want it to, you may think that to truly love where you live means moving away from your current location. Whilst a new h...
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IMAGE Reasons to Change Your Garage Door
There are many different reasons why you need to consider replacing or changing your garage doors North Wales, this is particularly relevant if it is more than 10 years old. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to consider a replacement. 

Increase Your Property Value & Curb Appeal
If you are in the position to sell your home, a new garage door will instantly...
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