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Top Tips to Make Moving Easier

Moving home for anyone can be really daunting especially if you don’t know where to start exactly. However, there are proven ways to help make moving day easier without it being super stressful. Removals Chester have been helping residents and commercial businesses move for over 40 years, so have lots of experience when it comes to moving home and no situation is too taxing. 

Whether you are moving just over the road or to another country or to a fancy apartments North Wales, we have some top tips to help you achieve a smooth moving day.

Get organised early

When you know you are moving home, you need to make sure you avoid making any last minute arrangements. Unless, of course, you need to pack up and move in a hurry. You usually have around 4-8 weeks to get prepared and organise everything for your impending moving date. The earlier you are prepared the better.

Donate your unwanted items

Moving home is a great time to declutter. You’ll be surprised what you accumulate over the years and the discovery of things you never realised you even had stashed away! There’s no point moving your old stuff from one home to the other if they haven’t seen the light of day or never will again. So, why not consider donating your items to charity so your old clothes and electronics can be used by others whilst raising money for a good cause.

Pack in advance

To help you remain organised throughout the moving process try to pack in advance. Of course, this isn’t always possible to do for the whole of your home but things that aren’t used such as ornaments can be packed away safely ready for moving day, so that you have less to do in the weeks leading up to. Make sure that you have all the relevant packing materials such as bubble-wrap, marker pens, tape and (obviously) a range of different sized boxes. 

Arrange your removal team

Unless you are blessed with having a good friend that has a van and can help you move your belongings, hiring removal companies Chester is essential. Many of us don’t realise how much stuff we actually have too until it comes to moving day. A removals team will give you an estimated quote before your moving day and come and assess how much space you will really need, so you don’t need to worry about making multiple trips.

Pack your essentials

A lot of people make the mistake of packing all their belongings into boxes leaving them scrambling at the other end trying to find all their essentials. The best thing to do is pack an essentials bag that has all your personal essentials including a change of clothes, chargers, toiletries and even some snacks. 

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