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Tips When Moving House At Christmas

Moving house is stressful enough, so moving at Christmas can bring a whole heap of challenges. With the planning of the big day, fetching presents and organising the festive decorations, you want to make moving as simple as possible, and could use the help of a removal company Colwyn Bay. Well, you’re in the right place as this post shares tips on how to efficiently move during the Christmas period. 


Who doesn’t like writing a to-do list? Although reviewing the list may seem a little daunting, it’s a great way to note down everything you need to complete. So when it comes to the list of things you need to get done around your move, putting pen to paper can put your mind at rest and let the planning begin! 

Once you’ve jotted down all your tasks, prioritising these from high to low importance is a great way to distribute the tasks that need completing as soon as possible. 

Organise Your Packing

To make the unpacking stage a lot easier to navigate, organising your packing into named boxes will make it easier for you to distinguish which room each of these go in. Packing can take time, so leaving at least a fortnight to organise your belongings is a great time slot to keep in mind. 

If you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, packing these together will make it easier for you to find at a later date, ready for the big day!

Planning Pets Move

If you’re moving with your furry friends, it’s important to ensure they are comfortable with the move. Most animals will detect when changes are happening, with some potentially becoming stressed or anxious. 

Ensuring they feel safe and are checked on regularly will make them feel at ease in their new home. A top tip: set up a safe space for them to become familiar with in your new home, which could include their bed and favourite toys. Your pets will be familiar with these scents and feel more comfortable in the new environment. 

Essentials Box

Realistically, you don’t want to unpack all your belongings on the first day. So, putting together a box of essentials is a great way to ensure you have all you need for the first night. This box could include beddings, a change of clothes, toiletries and cutlery for that first night takeaway!

Book A Removals Company

Get the helping hand you need by securing a removals company to assist with your move. Take the stress out of packaging your belongings and let a removal team assist. Booking a removals company can help with:

  • Packing your belongings safely and securely 

  • Assistance dismantling furniture

  • Ensuring belongings are packed efficiently

Some removals companies will assure you that items will be fully insured for your peace of mind. Hopefully, no issues will occur but it’s good to know that you’ll be covered for any incidents. 

A final note, enjoy the move! It is Christmas after all, so don’t forget to spend time relaxing during the festive period.

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