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White Self Storage is a storage firm based across throughout North Wales and Cheshire, offering top of the range storage containers of varying sizes, located at secure sites.

White Self Storage Cheshire & North Wales can be found in various locations, including Rhuddlan, Sandbach, Anglesey, Deeside and Pentraeth.

Each site is set up so you can easily access it without the need to book an appointment or have a member of staff present.

The storage containers are kept on site and are protected by CCTV, electronic gate systems, security staff and have insurance rated container locks. One of the most important aspects of the business is to ensure that the items are stored protected, not only from intruders but also from outside elements. All of the storage containers have double seals, making them effectively air tight. The containers also have vents allowing moisture anair d out while ensuring the whether doesn’t sneak in!

One of the main uses of the containers is for storage of confidential and important documents. Businesses are legally obliged to keep tax related documents for a period of 6 years, so there’s definitely a need for proper storage. The storage boxes are also an ideal way to keep items of furniture while you are moving house.

There are several sizes available of storage containers at a range or prices, including mini containers from £10 per week, up to large containers priced at £20 per week. Each of these containers is simply an empty box, but White Self Storage are able to supply electricity to every container providing lighting, and can organise shelving or pre-built shelves fitted by skilled joiners. The boxes are able to be modified to suit your needs.

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