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Roof Trusses & Feature Trusses

Roof Trusses are the main support for the roof of a building, these are normally made from timber or galvanized steel depending on the building. Residential buildings usually use wood and corporate use steel.

Trusses are constructed with beams imposed into the shape of a triangle because of its natural ability to spread its weight evenly out upon itself and remains a very secure structure. The truss helps to distribute the weight away from the exterior walls of the building. Roof Trusses are also known as a Pitched truss or a Common truss. Roof Truss design however is not something that should be based on aesthetics alone, this is because there are a number of different factors that need to be considered. The design of the truss depends of things such as the stress that the roof will have to sustain, the home owner’s aesthetic preference, the size of the open space the roof truss is positioned within and the severity of the weather conditions that the truss will have to deal with on a regular basis.

Eco Joists are a growing phenomenon, and are an incredibly effective alternative to the traditional joist. These are top and bottom timber flanges linked with a shape of a V in galvanized steel. This means that they are less likely to ruin over time because of servicing or any alterations being made. The webbing which the eco-joists construct is easy to work around, and impose electrical wiring, servicing, water and sewage pipes and eliminates the need for drilling. Also many tradesmen can work at once while using eco joists in this kind of Roof Truss. Eco-joists are also light, robust and easy to install. Finally they are a lot stronger than traditional Trusses and therefore there would be less call outs for repairs etc.

Feature Trusses are another type of roof truss that are extremely popular within buildings that have large open roof spaces. Feature trusses give the WOW factor to a building; they are often located in communal areas such as living rooms or conservatories.

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