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Discovering the Variations of Roof Trusses

When deciding upon a new feature for your home, it doesn’t get much better than high quality roof trusses. There are a range of roof trusses to choose from, so selecting the best type of truss that suits your property is quite a challenge when browsing through the varying types and styles. There are several key factors to consider such as functionality and aesthetic, which will be a huge decision making tool during the roof truss process. Another key factor to consider is the weather conditions of your area.

Commonly, trusses are recognised by their triangular shape and will almost always be used in roof construction. Despite their elegance and aesthetics, they do not come without a list of pros and cons, due to the fact that they are designed specifically for conditions and purposes bespoke to each home. When deciding upon your roof truss, it is incredibly important to keep in mind the aesthetic of your home and which style and type of truss will suit it best.

Pros & Cons

Some roof truss designs can become quite costly depending on the intended use. For example, the parallel chord roof truss is most commonly used within the ceilings of grand cathedrals. That puts the cost up quite high, making it a major con for those on a budget. The style of this truss requires complex wood members and the use of steel bracing that only increases the cost. The energy efficiency of a parallel chord roof truss is not as cost effective as other types of trusses, giving this particular truss a list of negatives that can put potential customers off.

However, other trusses such as a raised heel roof truss have fantastic energy efficient attributes. This truss type also greatly reduces the condensation and mould build-up that can occur inside a home via a vapour barrier. This truss is designed to span the entirety of an area and create large amounts of space for attics, lofts and other roof living spaces.

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