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Finding Luxury New Build Apartments in North Wales

Those who are looking to buy luxury new build apartments in North Wales tend to stick with new homes. It can be unclear why people would want to pay a premium for a property that has just been built, but there are several reasons to do so. With gas, electricity and water bills constantly increasing, the pressure to buy a home which is more sustainable is more important.

It’s Always Been Your Homes

One of the great reasons to buy a new build home is the knowledge that no one else has ever lived there. It’s nice to have your space and home that is entirely unique and new for you. For some people, the only home they can buy is one that’s never been used before.


New homes are built within certain standards to ensure they meet new government guidelines. Their guidelines include having a very energy efficient house, including well-insulated walls and floors, double glazing, energy efficient heating, draught-proofing, and new energy saving appliances and light bulbs. New homes save you money on bills and are much better for the environment.

Lower Maintenance & Utility Bills

New homes have been estimated to be over six times more efficient than second-hand homes, helping save hundreds of pounds on running costs. The annual costs on new appliances, like boilers, should be lower too depending on the quality of the build. New builds are free from lots of the problems that older homes have to face, like wall cavities and dampness.

Shorter Chains & Part Exchange Moving Home

The average amount of homes in a buy and sell chain is seven. Buying a new build reduces that chain dramatically, helping minimise the stress of moving.

It is possible to buy a new build and sell your property at the same time by doing a part exchange scheme. This will mean the developer of the new build will take ownership of your current home and sell it later.

Get Some Customization

If you buy off plan, it’s possible to have some input in the way the property is designed. For example, this will give you the ability to change the spec for the kitchen and bathroom, or change the room sizes slightly; such as having 4 slightly larger bedrooms rather than 5 smaller bedrooms.

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