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Dormer Roofs: Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a dormer roof added to your property is a great way to add extra space with a loft conversion. The structures add plenty of extra natural light, extra head height and a sense of openness to the room. 

Dormer roofs are structural extensions, which are formed outwards on the existing sloping roof. Their multiple benefits make them an extremely popular choice - and for good reason. 

Dormer Roof FAQs

Do I need to get planning permission for a dormer roof?

In a lot of cases, the dormer roof will fall under what is called permitted development, meaning that you don’t need to get planning permission. However, it is always a good idea to double-check to make sure that this is correct for your property. 

There are some reasons which mean that you would need planning permission. For example, if your dormer roof exceeds the size that falls under permitted development, you would need to apply for planning permission. Or, if it faces a highway or the materials don’t match up with the other properties in the area. 

Will I need to follow building regulations?

Yes, all construction work including extensions and conversions must follow building regulations. Your site will be visited by an inspector at multiple points of the process, and they will be making sure that you are following the correct procedures for health and safety and best practice. 

Are all dormer roofs the same?

There are many different styles of dormer roofs. Here are some of the most common:

Flat roof dormer - the most popular of them all, box-shaped with a flat roof. 
Gabled dormer - includes a pitch which is sloped on either end.
Hipped dormer - similar to the gabled, but has a hipped third slope at the front. 
Eyebrow dormer - An arched dormer which gradually slopes.
Arched dormer - where the window has an arched roof above it.

How much space can a dormer create?

You would be surprised at the amount of additional space a dormer roof will create in your loft. It will add not only head height, but lots of usable floor space. How much space you achieve from a dormer roof will depend on the style you choose and its size. This will also rely on your existing loft. 

What are the other benefits of adding a dormer roof?

There are so many benefits when it comes to dormer roofs. One of the most valuable things is that they add a lot of extra natural light to a room. They also ensure that the property is ventilated well from the extra windows.

Dormer roofs don’t have to be the more traditional box style if you want something more contemporary. You can choose dormer roofs which windows span from the floor to the ceiling, or Juliet balcony styles.

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