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Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof

When you need a new roof installed, the autumn period is the best time to go for it. Just after the storms in the summer, and before the freezing winter - the Autumnal weather is perfect for a roof installation. Ask your roofers north wales as soon as possible, as it should be a busy period for them! Here are the reasons why Autumn is the best time to replace your roof:

  • Catching post-summer damage. The summer storms take a huge toll on your roof, especially when it is reaching the end of its lifespan. Inspect your roof as you are coming into the Autumn, as well as straight after any storms, and take care of issues promptly. If you need a replacement soon, you may save money getting one now rather than repairing it, only to find you will need it replaced fully very soon.

  • The perfect weather conditions. Autumn has the best weather conditions for roof replacements, they’re best installed on a clear day at a temperature around 10 degrees celsius - especially if you are having asphalt shingles. This means the shingles seal strips melt and stick properly - this is called thermal sealing. Also, your roofing will prefer it not being ridiculously hot!

  • Shingles need to be sealed properly before winter. If they are installed before winter, you will have an air-tight and water-resistant barrier on top of your home. They’ll also be less likely to fling off by the winter winds!

  • Shingles become harder to work with as the weather gets too cold. They become more brittle and easier to break as the temperature plummets. This means more labour time, more money spent on shingles, and a slower job!

  • Catch leaks before it’s too late. If you get any holes and leaks sorted now, they won’t have the chance to get even worse over the winter. Add the weight of snow and ice to your roof before it’s fixed and it might end in disaster.

  • Replacing your roof in Autumn will help you to save money on this year’s heating bills. Your home will be better insulated and will work better to keep your family warm and cosy over winter.

  • Don’t be tempted to hold off till winter when prices drop. You may find that the roofers are taking a much-needed break after the Summer and Autumn rush. Many also find another job for the season, so it will be difficult to get a slot. 

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