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Pro Tips to Maximise Your Kitchen Storage

We all know that an organised kitchen is a happy kitchen; when everything has its proper place it is easier to cook, unpack the weekly shopping, tidy up or to just spend some time in there. The key to having good kitchen storage isn’t necessarily about creating more space; quite often it’s about being smarter. Nobody understands this better than kitchen designers Bangor - they are able to use their design knowledge to help you to get the most from your kitchen.

Space for a Larder

Larders are the perfect location to store ambient temperature foods such as in; tins, bottles and jars. This will keep everything in one organised space. Of course, not all homeowners have the luxury of being able to include a large larder, but even a smaller one can be a real bonus. A well organised larder will add a lot of storage to a kitchen without necessarily taking up too much valuable space - they can be made to any shape or size. 

Complete an inventory of what you’re going to want to store in the larder, measure the widest, tallest, smallest and heaviest items to make sure that everything will have a place and that it is easily accessible. Pull-out shelves or even shallow drawers are ideal at a lower level - especially if you have a deep cupboard. 

Include Concealed Drawers

Internal drawers are becoming more commonplace in modern kitchens, but some homeowners are still blown away when they discover it is an option. This storage solution works really well for designs where clean lines are required - we all know that drawers are more practical for storage than cupboards. 

Exploit Skinny Spaces

We’ve all got those skinny little spaces in our kitchens and instead of forgetting about it, exploit the space; for example you could add a made to measure cupboard. A skinny pull-out cupboard that could store spices and herbs could work perfectly. A bespoke kitchen designer will be able to assess the space and tell you honestly what is possible or not; they can also find solutions to problems you didn’t even think could be solved.

Part-Time Worktop

In smaller kitchens, where worktop space is at a premium, having a pull-out worktop can be the perfect solution. You will be able to have more space for preparing food when you need it, and then it can be easily put away for a sleek looking kitchen design. 

Swap Base Unit Cupboards for Drawers

Swapping your traditional bottom cupboards for drawers is another brilliant way to optimise your storage. Drawers are much more versatile than cupboards and they are almost always soft close these days. They are also helpful with reducing food waste - with a drawer you have a bird’s eye view of the contents so nothing can simply be pushed to the back and forgotten about. 

Simplify Recycling

You might be used to piling the recycling on the worktop near the back door, ready to be put out the night before it’s due to be collected. With a new kitchen design you will be able to incorporate a sleek recycling centre into the kitchen. This can be a built in cupboard with sections for each recycled item - plastic, glass, tins, cardboard - and this can then be easily emptied into the outside recycling bin. 

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