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How Do I Remove Snow From My Flat Roof?
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As winter is fast-approaching, so is the chance of snowfall, and if you are from North Wales, you’ll know how thick it can get. Despite how lovely it is having your own winter wonderland, excess snow can be a problem for your flat roof. 

An accumulation of snow on your roof can melt and lead to water ponding and misconfiguration of roof membranes amongst other issues. When left, snow could melt and get into the crevices of your roof. Upon refreezing, the water can expand and cause damage to the structure of your roof - so it’s best to remove snow as soon as you can.  Follow this process to remove the snow safely! Contact your roofers caernarfon near you if you have any issues.

  1. Clear the area around your roof.

Before you begin to remove the snow from your rubber roof, make sure that there are no objects, cars, or people in the area that could get hurt or damaged by the weight of the snow you’re about to move. 

  1. Remove the excess snow. 

Use a shovel to start moving off as much of the excess snow that you can. It’s best to use a plastic shovel instead of a metal shovel, as a metal shovel is more likely to cause damage to the roof membranes. Ensure that you are stable before you begin shovelling. 

  1. Sweep the roof. 

Once the excess snow has been shovelled away, you can then use a rake or broom to sweep the surface of the roof and get the remaining snow off. It is important to make sure it is brushed evenly so there are no sections holding extra weight. 

  1. Consider applying melting spray. 

Snow can appear at any time in the winter, so it is a good idea to apply a melting or de-icing spray after you have finished removing all the snow. This will help to prevent any further accumulation of snow, and therefore, damage. 

  1. Clear your gutters and drains. 

Now that your flat roof is clear of snow, don’t forget to make sure that your gutters and drains are clear too. Snow will melt and potentially be blocked in here too. Make sure all your gutters are clear so water doesn’t get stuck and freeze inside the system. 

If you are sorting out the snow on your roof and notice any signs of buckling, leaking, water-pooling or cracks, then it’s best to call in flat roofers conwy.

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